How to Use and Contents Target Vaporesso PM80

The Vaporesso Goal PM80 easy to use. Tank and coil can be popping in and out easy, and convenient recharging. There is a black rubber plug that covers the charging port. Flip off the nail and using a syringe or a bottle with a cone-shaped nose. Port charge is large enough so that spills and leaks are minimal.

the chip will not allow the user to increase or decrease the watt level beyond the recommended setting for the two coils when used in an intelligent fashion. This may be frustrating for some, but, as stated earlier, Vaporesso plan on introducing high-watt long 0.15-ohm coils.

vaporesso the target-PM80-pod-tank-x2-image

Use the buttons below the screen to cycle through menu functions, which include smart functions, variable wattage, puff counter, and other features. Click the button once to move through each of these settings.

Locking setting in by pressing the shoot button three times.

How to vape Mod
To enable Target Vaporesso PM80, click five times.
Clicking five times more will turn it off.
Put vape at the desired settings,
and then press the firing button and inhale.

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