Japanese Ronin YAKUZA: On the Palate with Smoke

Good steam bars friends everybody is good, I am a Frank, the e-cigarette in shenzhen exhibition of the ATOM VGOD show attractive at the same time, also have seen the Japanese ronin YAKUZA suits, back just to see the smoke on the review application, the mood is very excited, thank VASMCK steam smoke this activity let everyone in an experiential way to understand e-cigarettes. So today is bring this box of the ATOM – the yAKUZA “Japanese ronin”. Frank got today is a red host, exposed to the ATOM products players know that the ATOM to the design of the color and use are in place, the use of bold red give a person with visual impact, at the same time, random son gives three red color 3 m sticker gave the player more choice, reveal personality. Cloud device into a finished product atomizer, convenient use daily for smoke. With two other atomization core, one of the ceramic core. But the package did not equipped with cable, say again after this. A, atomizing core Frank think this very high level of atomizer appearance, embossment pattern design with frosted glass.

The atomizer structure is simpler, disassembly is very easy, a total base, atomization warehouse, oil warehouse, roof, drip nozzle. First is the base, the base of the electrode column is not unicom, solved the problem of oil leakage to the host; But this design resulted in a very awkward question, is the positive too short, sometimes lead to can’t identify the atomizer, but he pulled out a little with a pair of tweezers can easily solve. Only with double inlet design base, rotate the base can adjust the volume. Oil warehouse and atomization warehouse is unicom, it also makes the big oil and atomization, the characteristics of the compound the big smoke. Disadvantages can exist at the same time, it is rarely when in oil atomization warehouse directly see through glass oil amount, need to tilt the fuselage. The design of the roof is a reducing design, at the same time guarantee the big smoke can guarantee a certain taste.

Is not to say is that the two pieces of gold plated local tyrants atomization core, pink aprons is ceramic core, black aprons is clapton core, two cloud core guide oil hole than the average product core diameter, wide in all soaked in oil storehouse also has a higher efficiency. Pure gold plated atomization core will make resistance smaller, resulting in a greater amount of smoke. Worthy of mention is that in the interior of the g reston core can see the guide to use spring wire, it should be in the finished product core do STH unconventional or unorthodox. Second, host, the host USES is irregular design, bottom than the top a bit thin, and the overall use piano lacquer that bake, feel in the hand in my access to the single electric is one of the best in the host. The keys of the triangle design continues the revolver, feeling very full of science and technology. Other screen is bigger, but because of the radian of the screen, in the daily use should be cut. Battery compartments used magnetic adsorption manner, at the time of closing gap is not big, the suction is moderate, will have difficulty when replace the battery. Except for the installation of battery cathode up, at the top of the battery pole has six triangular pressure relief hole, the design is very good. At the top of the electrodes use spring electrode, the elastic trip is very big, and many of the atomizer can be adapted, but easy to be atomizer scratch at the top of the piano lacquer that bake, so don’t put in the process of trial atomizer screwed too tight.

Now say the suit is not equipped with the problem of cable, the atomizer with two charging interface, can be adapted, android and apple data line cable very thoughtful design, gave apple mobile phone users in a kiss. The host is also equipped with the function of fast charging, charging you will be full of about 1 hour, this for a single TV university smoke host is of great advantage. The host is equipped with a pressure regulating mode, pottery and porcelain, NI/TI1 temperature control model and mechanical model, each pattern will have the corresponding icon. Worthy of mention is that the ceramic model, suitable for all fall on market, porcelain cloud core is to set the rated wattage, lower active power after reach wattage ceramic atomizing core service life is longer. Another very detail place, after you change the atomizer point ignition key, the main chance questioning whether you for the new atomizer and locking resistance, for the stability of the taste and smoke volume is extremely important.

Use feeling g reston core, with 40 w power driven when half open intake feels more empty, but in the case of inlet fitted, the level of the taste can be displayed, ace players, for example, can feel the taste of the banana, entrance exhale when cream flavor is very rich; With the use of spring wire, under the power, large amount of smoke. But at the time of trial ceramic core, using the pass-through mode, although the amount of smoke can also, but the entrance to feel weak, so the ceramic core may be more suitable for fruit smell of smoke oil. Four, summary for the YAKUZA suit, also call it a day, summary, it is a high level big smoke taste of give attention to two or morethings product appearance, worth the player to try. Frank thinks advantages are the following: 1 appearance design is very modern, with stickers for players to have more choice. 2. Quick charge is very suitable for daily use 3.70 W power, temperature control mode and direct mode herein for daily use. 4 clapton core both taste and reduction or amount of smoke makes me feel surprise. 5. Unique model of ceramics. Disadvantages: 1. The piano lacquer that bake, and screen is fragile, need good protection. 2. The taste of ceramic core reduction degree, but the service life is made up for it. 3. In the continuous high power use cloud it is easy to heat.

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