2020 SMOK ingenuity masterpiece: SMOK Rigel Kit 230W

SMOK Rigel Kit 230W

Rigel Kit 230W

Rigel Kit is made of quality glass, flexible rubber coating and lateral design with classic carbon fiber, which will bring you unique visual sensation and comfortable hand feel. It is composed of a TFV9 tank and a Rigel Mod. As for the Rigel Mod, it is powered by dual 18650 batteries that can fire up to 230W max output power. And monitored by its outstanding chipset, it can ignite in 0.001s, providing you with the first hit of intense flavor and massive vapor. In addition, there are 6-theme-color user interface available. And you can switch between different styles by pressing the Fire Key and the UP button at the same time. Besides, it is equipped with a 0.96-inch TFT screen to display the basic vape data and help you use the device. Moreover, it adopts USB Type-C for reliable power and faster transfer speed and multiple protections to ensure your health and safety. As for the TFV9 tank, it features 28mm in diameter and 6.5ml e-juice capacity, which is large enough for long-lasting vaping experience. With lift-and-open top cap and slide-top-filling system, it is simple and secure to use. Supporting adjustable airflow and V9 meshed coil 0.15ohm, it allows you to obtain massive clouds and excellent flavor you prefer. Last but not least, durable gold-plating 510 thread connector delivers a better user experience when connecting the tank with a mod.

Main Features:
1. 6.5ml TFV9 Tank and slide top filling design
2. Dual 18650 batteries and 230W max output power
3. Dual V9 Meshed coils for huge vapor and excellent flavor
4. Ignition speed of 0.001s
5. Personalize the user interface according to your preferences
6. Equipped with a frontal 0.96-inch TFT color display
7. USB Type-C for reliable power and faster transfer speed
8. Multiple protections: Intelligent Atomizer Recognition, Puff Monitoring System, 8 Seconds Cut-off, Short Circuit Protection, Over-heating Protection, Low-battery Warning
9. Childproof top cap for increased safety
10. Gold-plating 510 thread connector
11. Adjustable airflow control at the base of the tank

Brand: SMOK
Product Name: Rigel Box Mod Kit
Size: 88*44*28.8mm
Output Power Range: 1-230W
Battery Capacity: 18650 Batteries(Sold Separately)
Resistance Range: 0.1-2.5ohm
Display: 0.96 Inch TFT Colorful Screen
Standby Current: <300uA
Input Voltage: 6.4-8.4V
Output Voltage: 1.0-8.2V
Charging Voltage: DC/5V
Charging Current: Max 2A

Package Contents:
1*RIGEL Box Mod
1*TFV9 Tank
1*V9 Meshed Coil 0.15ohm(Pre-installed)
1*V9 Meshed Coil 0.15ohm
1*Extra Glass Tube
1*Type-C Cable
1*User Manual


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2.Vape is an effective tool to reduce tobacco consumption
3.Japanese Ronin YAKUZA: On the Palate with Smoke

Japanese Ronin YAKUZA: On the Palate with Smoke

Good steam bars friends everybody is good, I am a Frank, the e-cigarette in shenzhen exhibition of the ATOM VGOD show attractive at the same time, also have seen the Japanese ronin YAKUZA suits, back just to see the smoke on the review application, the mood is very excited, thank VASMCK steam smoke this activity let everyone in an experiential way to understand e-cigarettes. So today is bring this box of the ATOM – the yAKUZA “Japanese ronin”. Frank got today is a red host, exposed to the ATOM products players know that the ATOM to the design of the color and use are in place, the use of bold red give a person with visual impact, at the same time, random son gives three red color 3 m sticker gave the player more choice, reveal personality. Cloud device into a finished product atomizer, convenient use daily for smoke. With two other atomization core, one of the ceramic core. But the package did not equipped with cable, say again after this. A, atomizing core Frank think this very high level of atomizer appearance, embossment pattern design with frosted glass.

The atomizer structure is simpler, disassembly is very easy, a total base, atomization warehouse, oil warehouse, roof, drip nozzle. First is the base, the base of the electrode column is not unicom, solved the problem of oil leakage to the host; But this design resulted in a very awkward question, is the positive too short, sometimes lead to can’t identify the atomizer, but he pulled out a little with a pair of tweezers can easily solve. Only with double inlet design base, rotate the base can adjust the volume. Oil warehouse and atomization warehouse is unicom, it also makes the big oil and atomization, the characteristics of the compound the big smoke. Disadvantages can exist at the same time, it is rarely when in oil atomization warehouse directly see through glass oil amount, need to tilt the fuselage. The design of the roof is a reducing design, at the same time guarantee the big smoke can guarantee a certain taste.

Is not to say is that the two pieces of gold plated local tyrants atomization core, pink aprons is ceramic core, black aprons is clapton core, two cloud core guide oil hole than the average product core diameter, wide in all soaked in oil storehouse also has a higher efficiency. Pure gold plated atomization core will make resistance smaller, resulting in a greater amount of smoke. Worthy of mention is that in the interior of the g reston core can see the guide to use spring wire, it should be in the finished product core do STH unconventional or unorthodox. Second, host, the host USES is irregular design, bottom than the top a bit thin, and the overall use piano lacquer that bake, feel in the hand in my access to the single electric is one of the best in the host. The keys of the triangle design continues the revolver, feeling very full of science and technology. Other screen is bigger, but because of the radian of the screen, in the daily use should be cut. Battery compartments used magnetic adsorption manner, at the time of closing gap is not big, the suction is moderate, will have difficulty when replace the battery. Except for the installation of battery cathode up, at the top of the battery pole has six triangular pressure relief hole, the design is very good. At the top of the electrodes use spring electrode, the elastic trip is very big, and many of the atomizer can be adapted, but easy to be atomizer scratch at the top of the piano lacquer that bake, so don’t put in the process of trial atomizer screwed too tight.

Now say the suit is not equipped with the problem of cable, the atomizer with two charging interface, can be adapted, android and apple data line cable very thoughtful design, gave apple mobile phone users in a kiss. The host is also equipped with the function of fast charging, charging you will be full of about 1 hour, this for a single TV university smoke host is of great advantage. The host is equipped with a pressure regulating mode, pottery and porcelain, NI/TI1 temperature control model and mechanical model, each pattern will have the corresponding icon. Worthy of mention is that the ceramic model, suitable for all fall on market, porcelain cloud core is to set the rated wattage, lower active power after reach wattage ceramic atomizing core service life is longer. Another very detail place, after you change the atomizer point ignition key, the main chance questioning whether you for the new atomizer and locking resistance, for the stability of the taste and smoke volume is extremely important.

Use feeling g reston core, with 40 w power driven when half open intake feels more empty, but in the case of inlet fitted, the level of the taste can be displayed, ace players, for example, can feel the taste of the banana, entrance exhale when cream flavor is very rich; With the use of spring wire, under the power, large amount of smoke. But at the time of trial ceramic core, using the pass-through mode, although the amount of smoke can also, but the entrance to feel weak, so the ceramic core may be more suitable for fruit smell of smoke oil. Four, summary for the YAKUZA suit, also call it a day, summary, it is a high level big smoke taste of give attention to two or morethings product appearance, worth the player to try. Frank thinks advantages are the following: 1 appearance design is very modern, with stickers for players to have more choice. 2. Quick charge is very suitable for daily use 3.70 W power, temperature control mode and direct mode herein for daily use. 4 clapton core both taste and reduction or amount of smoke makes me feel surprise. 5. Unique model of ceramics. Disadvantages: 1. The piano lacquer that bake, and screen is fragile, need good protection. 2. The taste of ceramic core reduction degree, but the service life is made up for it. 3. In the continuous high power use cloud it is easy to heat.

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Vape is an effective tool to reduce tobacco consumption

News on July 19th, a study recently published in “Addictive Behavior” once again demonstrated the efficacy and safety of Vape in helping smokers reduce tobacco consumption and improve their lung health.

The study titled “Benefits of Vape in reducing tobacco and lung health in chronic smokers who undergo lung cancer screening within six months” aims to determine whether Vape is considered effective and safe in supporting smoking cessation.

A total of 210 smokers 55 years and older were recruited for the study. They smoked an average of 10 cigarettes for at least 10 years. They were randomly divided into three groups, one group was given nicotine Vape, the other group was given placebo (no nicotine), and the control group was not given Vape. All participants underwent a three-month smoking cessation program, which included a cognitive behavioral program to support them to change behavior and increase motivation to quit smoking.

Data collected through self-reported measurements, clinical evaluations, and the Leicester Cough Questionnaire found that among participants who were still smoking for 6 months, there was a significant difference in the number of cigarettes smoked per day between the two groups, while the nicotine cigarette group averaged daily 11 cigarettes smoked, while the nicotine-free e-cigarette group smoked 14 cigarettes a day, while the control group smoked 13.5 cigarettes.

Among people who still smoked for 6 months, another group difference was the significant difference in exhaled CO between the two groups (p <0.025). The average exhaled CO of participants in the nicotine Vape group was 12.0, while the average exhaled CO of participants in the nicotine-free Vape group was 15.3, and that of the control group was 16.5. (From a health point of view, a lower exhaled carbon dioxide ratio is preferable).

Once again found that Vape can effectively quit smoking

Finally, there was also a significant difference in nicotine dependence between the two groups (p <0.032). All participants had a moderate to low degree of dependence within 6 months; the average core value of smokers in the nicotine Vape group was 3.12, while the average core value of smokers in the Vape group without nicotine was 3.32, while the control group was 3.59.

The researchers concluded that after 6 months, about 20% of the entire sample stopped smoking. Participants who used Vape and nicotine smoked less than any other group after 6 months (p <.020). Our data increases the effectiveness and safety of Vape in helping smokers reduce tobacco consumption and improve lung health.

E-cigarettes how to cleaning? Atomization effect is smaller?

E-cigarettes how to cleaning? Atomization effect is smaller? E-cigarette smoke contains nicotine solutions tube, evaporation device and battery of 3 parts. Heavy itBy batteries, power supply, can transform smoke bomb inside the liquid nicotine into the fog, so that the user has a similar to the feeling of smoking in implementation “swallow cloud to vomit.” E-cigarette use, however, after a period of time needs to be clean, or it will taste sweet, atomization effect is the phenomenon of variation.

E-cigarettes cleaning method

1.Clean cigarette holder, atomization storehouse, guide tube, atomizer base:

Parts out of the warm water, dip in with tweezers grip the cotton ball cleaning fluid, the surface of the parts back to wipe, clean until the trace of the above, and the smoke of cigarette holder above “flavour is completely disappeared, and residual cleaning fluid, the water to clean again, pay attention to the strength is not too big, avoid cotton residue within the thread, lead to E-cigarettes can not assembled tightly.

2.Hold a small bowl of warm water:

With another bowl for a small amount of wine/vinegar/music (gas washing oil effect is best, but considering the E-smoke into the mouth directly, so don’t advocate using gasoline; According to the structure of the E-cigarettes (in this case of the author E-cigarettes, for example), disconnect the battery pole on one side the cigarette holder, atomization, atomization core, guide tube and the atomization core base etc all apart, soak in warm water for 10 minutes, remove all, dry with a towel parts above the water, and to change water.

3.clean the atomization core:

Use tweezers grip the atomization core guide above wick no guide wick is not (), slowly pull the rope guide oil; Dip in with forceps clipping the cotton cleaning fluid, go deep into the zero core inside and on the heating wire, scrub clean carefully, to the surface trace disappeared, and there is no wings after oil and peculiar smell, rinse and wipe dry. And then made a cotton wick, clamp wear into the heat wire with forceps.

4.Guide the wick

Half a month need to wash a E-cigarettes, and replace a wick, replace a new taste also need cleaning E-cigarette smoke oil replacement wick no guidance wick E-cigarettes, are cleaned once a month E-cigarettes.

Atomization effect is smaller.

1.Warm water.

In the E-smoke zero turn into the warm water, excessive sway quietly for a minute or two, then pour out the water, then use hair dryer to dry. This method is very complicated but will still be residual oil E-cigarettes taste before.


The atomizer into vinegar mixed with water, then stop cooking, after some very clock, clean with clear water again, then blow dry. Clean with vinegar E-cigarettes atomizer is a good choice, can also effect.


E-cigarette atomizer soak in a glass of cola drinks, soak for 24 hours. After the completion of take out, with warm water, cold water, hot water washing can, first blow dry. This method is very complicated, the effect is not very ideal. Before the oil smoke flavor is still very strong.


Then blow dry atomizer, pour too much vodka, a finger seal atomizer, and quietly rocking out after one to two minute or two. And then washed wash with hot waterNet, put it out to dry. Remember, don’t need to blow dry the vodka taste requirements. This is a very simple way, but it is also a way of analogy is invalid, can fundamentally eliminate E-cigarettes atomizer caused by dirt and taste.

5.Tilted method

Place a piece of paper towels on the surface of the table, place the atomizer tilting below, 24 hours a day, the E-cigarette smoke in the atomizer liquid will gradually come out. Rinse with warm water, after the initial use hair dryer to dry. This is also was thought a match is invalid. And, of course, if think of above method is very complicated, the local tyrants way is indirectly change the atomizer, save time and effort.

Above is the E-cigarette how to cleaning? Smaller atomizing effect how to deal with the related introduction, hope to help smokers you oh!

Novice small white DIY atomizer, should how to operate?

The device on the resistance cord is less than zeroGood coil around the atomizer base fixed, desire to be in with a screwdriver or don’t take off the cord poles, stay clear of ripped coil deformation when installation. The resistance wire fixed, average kang thayer cable should first receive controling box heated by electrical energy, is understood as the silk.This is to examine the resistance, complete recognize relatively well. One more in the procedure of home heating in resistance wire surface oxide layer, stay clear of resistance wire brief circuit for a tightly wound. Burning wire resistance in the procedure of the cable is soft, very easy to finalize the style, can make use of ceramic tweezers during this time as well as after that readjust the coil shape. In cotton can dry the resistance cord, the cable on the carbon shed.
As the electric cigarette market is grown, an increasing number of new on electric cigarettes have much deeper understanding, novices will certainly discover that the initial vapor cigarette whether it can be according to their own tastes and also requires to DIY, as well as this is one of the pleasures of smokeless cigarettes. So the concern comes, novice tiny white DIV atomizer, should how to operate? Allow’s consider it.
To Do It Yourself atomizer, the initial point we require to prepare some basic accessories as well as tools, and also heat cord is among them. Do not look down on the thin a fever cable, besides there are numerous specs, with a range of information can likewise affect your use taste and smoke.Novice tiny white Do It Yourself show it, exactly how to run? Homemade Do It Yourself atomizer startSpecific procedure there are many online video as well as text, for every type atomizer, here is not to say. Just a novice in the actual operation process may come across some problems. Below, in short: Newbie, tiny white Do It Yourself atomizer, should how to operate? 1. Cord forming.Auxiliary device for the celebration, as long as the appropriate use cord tools, fundamental won’t appear this problem. If you are making use of a screwdriver or cable poles, actually simply bear in mind 2 things, first effort, do not agree to get rid of or use. The 2nd slowly, gradually yet definitely, a circle discovered wandering the corrected immediately.Novice little white cloud of DIY, should how to operate? 2. The tool on the resistance wire is less than zeroGood coil around the atomizer base repaired, wish to remain in with a screwdriver or do not remove the cable poles, prevent ripped coil deformation when installment. Don’t see no problems with the old hands off solitary taken care of, amateur and do not try.
Amateur tiny white Do It Yourself atomizer, should just how to operate? 3. The resistance wire taken care of, normal kang thayer cable should first get managing box warmed by power, is referred to as the silk.This is to test the resistance, complete know rather well. One more in the procedure of heating in resistance wire surface oxide layer, stay clear of resistance wire short circuit for a securely wound. Burning cord resistance in the procedure of the cable is soft, easy to wrap up the layout, can use ceramic tweezers during this moment and afterwards adjust the coil form. Furthermore, remember that temperature control is not to melt the silk silk, make sure to maintain in mind.Novice little white Do It Yourself atomizer, should exactly how to run? 4 just how much wear cotton related to round the resistance cord diameter.To wear cotton can draw walk around after go in but there is still some resistance is recommended. You understand cotton is not the much more the much better, way too much of the cotton, will create the coil part of cotton by compaction, oil makes the guide. This is a new usual mistake.Novice little white DIY atomizer, should exactly how to operate? 5 wear cotton after very first to add a few drops glycerin or wish to utilize the smoke oil, electric warm, remove the preference of cotton at the very same time, likewise avoid usage completely dry cotton straight after refueling.
Novice tiny white Do It Yourself atomizer, should how to run? 6 regarding how much time to change cotton as well as resistance wire this have no set time frame, generally have the scent of scorched food should transform the cotton.After all, only in a cotton is additionally very easy isn’t it? In cotton can dry out the resistance wire, the cable on the carbon shed. Wattage don’t is too expensive to prevent, resistance cable. A coil can be repeated for many times of cotton.That has to do with novice little white DIY atomizer, should exactly how to operate the related intro, whatever, the method is king, theory provides you with knowledge books, and technique to obtain the knowledge of real value. If you think this post serves to you,, later associated issues, Recommendations can refer to oh ~ moment came back.

Suitable for novice small white 5 electronic cigarettes atomizer

Speaking of brand-new equipment, every play electronic smoke it have some remorses, today to introduce the electronic smoke is battle for the beginner individual, tool, now 5 atomizer, each have its features, the following time will certainly take a look at this post for information of the brand-new electric cigarette atomizer
It is suitable for beginner tiny white 5 electronic smoke: 30 s cloud30 s a domestic atomizer, placed him in the amateur advised today, just because he is cheap, core is low-cost, newbie utilized to update, he was not shed sadly, so is a good newbie excessive, can let a beginner to attempt vapor cigarettes likewise require not spend way too much money, the benefits of saving money.It appropriates for amateur small white 5 electronic smoke: listen Wu screw computer device30 s, domestic, inexpensive, Atlantis, virtually no preference, no big smoke atomizer frozen atomizer super smoke, no taste, Subtank mini taste with huge smoke can likewise be Do It Yourself, nautilus, residential atomizer, successful a finished product atomizer, he is taste, the qualities of basic, hassle-free, he is an end product atomizer inside a cost-efficient, basic and functional atomizer, prices are about 150 to 190, core has to do with 15 to 20, the general a core with a week, respectable, and he has a great deal of devices, steel silo, mouth, and so on are can beautification, atomization to nautilus benefits taste completed product.
Ideal for newbie tiny white 5 e cigarettes atomizer: Atlantis reveal itAtlantis and also nautilus is a maker, manufacturer of a drip oil storage cloud version, he is a drip, smoke, like clubs with x can select him, do manual work is excellent, however that is a huge smoke, taste practically no, benefits, drip oil storage space atomizer, without discomforts to do their very own core.


Ideal for beginner little white 5 electric cigarettes atomizer: frozen atomizer.

Take a more detailed look at and also above the Atlantis is extremely like, from design to structure alike, regarding why similar to this level is not information, like chatter baidu to see the amount of sort of claims.Arctic finished huge smoke atomizer, the arctic this atomizer is to select, as a result of his resistance of only 0.2, don’t want to Atlantis is 0.5, so the frozen some regulating box is made use of, also due to this the smoke is larger than the Atlantis, thicker, the advantages of big smoke, definitely great smog, ended up product core, cow x, huge smoke finished atomizer surface area, the frozen love him.

How to increase product service life of the atomizer?

How to extend product service lifetime of the atomizer? Today I bring you to increase the finished cloud body life five skills, easy-to-use products made up of atomizer atomized core process, only to get replaced periodically finished atomizing core can maintain the traditional use of atomizer. Throughout the atomizer structure, atomizing core as a core component, its service life is said to the utilization of user cost, the user if in use process don’t concentrate to some details, then will greatly reduce the service lifetime of the cloud core and therefore the use of atomizer experience, increase together now to require a glance at the finished cloud life five skills.

How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Embellish core got to concentrate to the smoke cloud don’t add an excessive amount of .

Embellish core is really how to rush, after the smoke oil atomizer, only got to await ten minutes or more, most of the finished product core can absorb smoke oil to the saturated state. And embellish core in more than smoke oil, frying oil or on to the smoke will appear problems within the oil suction.How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? At the highest of the oil atomizer in refueling, make certain to shut the air inlet of atomizer.For now, the highest oil has become the mainstream of the atomizer oil way, on the finished product atomizer is not any exception. to get rid of a couple of at the highest of the oil and therefore the top intake of atomizer, conventional inlet at rock bottom of atomizer ahead of the oil to show off the air inlet, after the completion of the filling operation after 3 to five minutes, this will effectively avoid the spill.

How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Change the atomizer must concentrate to regulate output devices in power.

Many friends will often make careless on now , from a high power atomizer replacement into small mouth atomizer absorption power, not lower the facility directly click the key , consequences clearly, atomization core directly by high calorie burn, for finished product atomization core, may be a direct destructive results.How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Atomizer got to finished product within the scope of the atomizing core power adapter to be used .Finished product on the atomization core generally on the shell to annotation of the facility of resistance and adaptation, some finished products atomizer are going to be indicated on the outer packing directly. within the use of the finished product atomizer, make certain to less than the atomization core with the very best output power to use, generally take the atomization core power adapter intermediate value, will get an honest experience.
How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Put wrong operation, like blowing side don’t appear as far as possible.Keep as far as possible when finished atomizer placed vertically placed, can avoid the occurrence of oil spills, if while don’t use atomizer at an equivalent time, need the smoke oil within the tank to empty, can guarantee the atomization core leads to the decrease of life won’t be long. tons of friends like atomizer inlet exhaust smoke when the sensation of cool “but on the finished product atomizer, frequent blowing smoke oil is pressed out of the question.The above is about the way to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? The related introduction, although finished atomizer can reach to supply convenient, but if you are doing not concentrate to some details of the operation, product atomizer will let users are troubled. As long because the form good habits and a spotlight to details, so won’t only make the finished product core to increase the service lifetime of can also let himself within the finished product on the utilization of atomizer for better experience, feel more worry.

Solving the Vape mod problem is very, very important

So and so, now, it is very, very important to solve the Vape mod problem. So, for me personally, Vape mod is just a major event, and in that case, how should Vape mod be realized? And these are not entirely important. The more important issue is that with these issues, let’s take a look at the Vape mod. To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. Abraham Lincoln once said that it doesn’t matter YOOZ Vape Pod System how many years you live, what matters is how you spent these years. This makes me think deeply. What is the key? Goethe said this inadvertently, reading a good book, just talking with a noble person. This makes me think deeply. Everyone has to face these problems. When it came to the question, Spain said this inadvertently, knowing where his shoes are. With this sentence, we have to examine this issue more carefully: the so-called Vape mod, the key is how to write Vape mod. These essences are completely important, and the more important question is, why does Vape mod happen? Generally speaking, we must all consider carefully. Goethe said a philosophical remark that determines a person’s life, and the entire destiny, only for a moment. This seems to answer my doubts. To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. In this way, Descartes said this inadvertently, but I didn’t get my hard work. With this sentence, we have to look at this issue more carefully: since how, understanding exactly what kind of existence Vape mod is is the key to solving all problems. However, unless this is the case, the appearance of Vape mod still represents a certain meaning.

Everyone has to face these problems. Eleaf Vape Tank When facing this kind of problem, for me, Vape mod only sums it up. From this point of view, Zola inadvertently said that once the path of life changes, he must bravely walk to the end, never Look back. This is a major event, and it may change my life. Vape mod, what happens if it happens, what happens if it doesn’t happen. To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. Jack Ma said inadvertently that the biggest challenge and breakthrough lies in employing people, and the biggest breakthrough in employing people lies in trusting people. This sentence is very short, but it makes me think about it.

The so-called Vape mod, the key is how to write Vape mod. I have also thought through this issue every day and night. We all know that as long as it can, it must be carefully considered. From this point of view, then, how should Vape mod be realized? In this difficult situation, I was thinking about going, and I couldn’t sleep well. After the above discussion, we all know that as long as it can, it must be carefully considered. Vape mod, what happens if it happens, what happens if it doesn’t happen. To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. How should Vape mod be implemented? There is a philosophical saying in Germany that you can only know yourself in the middle of IJOY Captain Vape a crowd. Why did this Vape mod happen? Knowing exactly what kind of existence Vape mod is is the key to solving all problems. Well.

When faced with this kind of problem, in this case, it is necessary to think clearly what kind of existence is Vape mod. These are not entirely important. The more important issue is that, generally speaking, we must all consider carefully IJOY Neptune. I have also considered this issue every day and night. Schopenhauer said this inadvertently, the will is a strong blind man, leaning on the shoulders of the lame man. I hope you can also appreciate this sentence.

This inspired me to think clearly about what kind of existence Vape mod is. Bulvo said a philosophical saying: ijoy vape You must master books and don’t be mastered by books; you must read for your living, not for reading. Raw. . We all know that as long as it is reasonable, it must be carefully considered. I have also considered this issue every day and night. To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. Vape mod Malton once said that strong confidence can make ordinary people do amazing careers. I hope you can also experience this well… We generally think that if we grasp the key to the problem, everything else will be solved.” Vape mod, what happens if it happens, and what happens if it doesn’t happen. To understand clearly what kind of existence Vape mod is, is to solve everything. Personally, Vape mod is only a major event, and it may change my life. And these are not entirely important. The more important issue is that if Vape mod appears in life, we have to consider the fact that it appears.

Democritus once mentioned that temperance increases happiness and enjoyment. Along with this sentence, we have to examine this issue more carefully: Romain Roland once mentioned that only by turning the mood of repeating the environment into an upward force is the guarantee of success. This seems to answer my doubts. So, generally speaking, we must all consider carefully. Confucius once mentioned that those who know are not as good as those who are good IJOY Mystique Tank, and those who are good are not as good as those who enjoy. I hope you can also appreciate this sentence. Now, it is very, very important to solve the Vape mod problem. Therefore, we understand clearly what kind of existence Vape mod is, which is the key to solving all problems. Why did Vape mod happen? Knowing exactly what kind of existence Vape mod is is the key to solving all problems. Now, it is very, very important to solve the Vape mod problem. and so.

For me personally, Vape mod is just a major event, and it may change my life. What is the crux of the problem? Vape mod, what happens if it happens, what happens if it doesn’t happen. I have also gone through deep thinking. Romain Roland once mentioned that only by turning the mood of repeating the environment into a positive force is the guarantee of success. This sentence is very short IJOY Mercury Vape Pod System, but it makes me think about it. Franklin once said that reading is easy and thinking is difficult, but it is useless if one is missing. I hope you can also appreciate this sentence. However, even so, the appearance of Vape mod still represents the so-called Vape mod, the key is how Vape mod needs to be written. Generally speaking, we must all consider carefully.

To be clear, what kind of existence Vape mod is. Baizhet said this inadvertently, a strong belief can win the hearts of the strong and make them stronger. This makes me think deeply. Kawangji once mentioned that a person who does not pay attention to small things will never achieve a big cause IJOY Captain 2 Mod. I hope you can also appreciate this sentence. As far as I am concerned, the significance of Vape mod to me cannot but be said very much. Abraham Lincoln once said that I am a person who walks very slowly, but I never step back. I hope you can also appreciate this sentence. words. In general, the so-called Vape mod, the key is how Vape mod needs to be written.

New York Vape flavor ban will take effect on July 1

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned flavored Vape products and abandoned alternatives that legalized hemp products.

Now that the flavor and fragrance ban has been passed, New York has become the fourth state to implement such restrictions. Starting July 1, retailers in the state will ban the sale of electronic atomization products of any flavor unless they are tobacco-flavored or tasteless. Kangvape Slick Plus.

Specifically, the following prohibitions will take effect from July 1, 2020:

  1. Pharmacies will no longer allow the sale of any tobacco or nicotine products that have announced approved smoking cessation therapies.
  2. It is forbidden to sell any e-liquid online, regardless of its taste. This does not include components or equipment. The sale or transportation of steam products to consumers in New York State is marked as a Class A misdemeanor.
  3. People other than ordinary carriers or contract carriers can still transport steam products. Product, but is now limited to 500ml or 3g of nicotine.
  4. It is prohibited to use coupons or price reduction tools for tobacco products.
  5. The steam manufacturer must make a highly detailed list, including the research conducted by or for the manufacturer on the human health effects of such products and the disclosure of the nature and extent of the research. The manufacturer must also list a by-product of steam that may be dated during the normal use of this Vape.
  6. It is forbidden to ban tobacco, nicotine and steam products, marketing materials and external window advertisements that are visible in the store within 1,500 feet of the store (500 feet in New York City).

At the same time Ehpro TC Box Mod, consistent with previous research, a part of the peer-reviewed study recently published in the Journal of Harm Reduction last summer approximately proved that limiting the taste of Vape liquid might prevent smokers from switching to proven safer alternatives. To save their lives.

At the same time, science continues to show that when adults turn to taste to quit smoking WOTOFO Profile RDA, this ban will prove to be harmful to public health. Consistent with previous studies, a recent article published by researchers from the State University School of Medicine showed that adults also like candy-flavored Vape.

Lead author and associate professor of medicine and public health science, Dr. Du Ping, said that our data shows that flavor is also very popular among young people and also very popular among adults IJOY Mystique Mesh Tank. Vape is used as a means of quitting smoking or avoiding repetition, and these tastes may be part of the reason for their long-term use of Vape.

To conduct this study Timesvape Dreamer, the researchers compared the results of online surveys of Vape users from 2012 to 2014 and 2017 to 2019. Sometimes survey mean setters (between 22 and 75 years old) list their favorite Vape.

Aggregated data shows that people of all ages like chocolate, candies and other sweet flavors Smok TC Mod Kit. About 50% of the participants said that if they can’t get their favorite flavors through the ban, they will still find a way to buy them.

Voopoo Drag 2 Review: A Worthy Successor to the Drag TC Mod 177W

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag 2 has a double 18650 Drag 2 mod and UFOrce ohm T2 below the tank. Drag the original is the best selling for many reasons: it comes with a very specific biochips, start crazy fire rapid fire fast 0.01 seconds, all at a very affordable price. That said, it has drawbacks, since even atomizers 24 mm protrude slightly, the battery lid has a little play and paint the black version is prone to scratching and wear.


Let’s see if and how to slide 2 directions of these problems and how the general options of the kit.


Price: $ 69.95 Personal (in MyVPro)

Color: dawn, fire, fiery clouds, auroras, ink, red, puzzles, island



The strength of the range of 5-177 watts

Resting time: ≤10uA

Output voltage: 0 to 7.5 volts

Output current: 0-40 Ampere

Batteries: 2 x 18650

resistance range: 0.05 to 5 ohms

Temperature range: 100-315 ° C / 200-600 ° F

the update function: Yes

Weight: 158 (± 2) g

Material: zinc alloy and resin


The contents of the kit

DRAG 2 177W

T2 UFOrce (5 ml)

UFOrce U2 (pre-installed)

UFOrce N3 (included)

the glass tube (3.5 ml)

O-ring x 7

USB Cable

GENE smartcard


Warranty card

mod: Drag 2

Slide Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci reviews

Slide 2 is a double-18650 mod fires up to 177 watts. It appears only in black, but with different color options to choose from or resin. I received a “cloud of fire” one that unfortunately my least favorite of the group. Still looks good, it’s just that others will look better in my opinion. Fortunately, the white part of big brand behind the DRAG mod softened slightly compared to the original, offering a more cautious view. And the edges are rounded at the time, much more fun to continue.


mod weighs 157 grams, about 50 grams lighter than the original slide. The paint job was much better too; Drag Me OG scratches on the square, but it seems they have now solved this problem. battery cover magnet is very strong, but as the first drag, there is a small play there. No rattle or something like that, but you can manually move the door.


The screen is good; clear and easy to read, but relatively small black and white. These keys are dislocated and feel they have also improved since the original slide. Atomizers with a diameter of 25 mm sit flush with the plate, but there is a small space 510 as raised platforms. Frankly, I do not know why they went with this design. You can take a while to notice, but after most likely be bothered I am.


Information Display


dual battery monitoring



the duration of the breath




Five click the button to turn the device on and off

Three clicks to change modes (power, FIT, CT – Custom Mode is the submenu)

Pressing the + and – keys will take you to a submenu from any mode

While the TC mode: 4 clicks to adjust Watts

While in measuring mode: 4 Click to adjust the power curve or temperature

lock fire + (still burning)

Fire – change screen orientation


menu options


Supply mode submenu: M (Custom mode), SN (serial number), SEE (firmware)

submenu TC: M (custom mode), Ω-assembly (series resistance), F (established TCR)

The menu system takes some getting used to, but I would not say it’s complicated. MOD adjustment with the addition of 1 watt, but the acceleration and not round. It is quite fast though.


Gene chip known power and precision of the performance mode and drag 2 very good. air conditioning, however, is meh. A the same as with the Voopoo Too show new, I found having excellent dry protection and temperatures reached more or less accurate overall, but TCR exclusive and most importantly numbering, the limit of 80 watts TC a major drawback. If one considers the use of control vaping temperature exotic slide 2 with the coil, you may be disappointed. It’s good for the rolls MTL style however, because no additional energy and default working on stainless steel TCR is needed.


This mod is also the FIT mode, which comes with three presets: Flt1 (drums), FIT2 (taste) and Flt3 (cloud). After playing with it for a while, I think the only thing to do is read the appropriate strength and power, with FIT1 be low power, medium and high FIT2 Flt3. Voopoo recommends using the FIT UFOrce mode in the tank, but trying on the reel, including tank T2 UFOrce arrived disappointing vaporizer. They also say that the method does not refer to repairable ago; I tried it on a MTL coil 0.7 Ohm, and I think that was fired was significantly higher than what I want. In my opinion, the definition of fashion is a hit-or-miss, and have found no real use for it.


Tank T2 UFOrce

Slide Voopoo 2 reviews

I like the look of UFOrce T2, adopting a kind of minimalist design that makes it look more “professional” than the average low ohms tank you. It is approximately 25 mm, the substance, glass bubbles with an additional 3 mm. Spread over T1, I can see some minor differences. Three slot slightly greater airflow, and was replaced by knurled carved geometric shapes, which look much better in my opinion. In addition, 5 mL glass bubble looks like a very good fit, it is something that can not be said of all secondary ohms deposit there. Capacity decreased to 3.5 ml with a straight glass, but the tank is also compatible with the rest of the glass tank Voopoo Drag get code to 8 ml.


This tank has fill port Boy pressure; He tilting the bottle at an angle of filling. by advanced drip is 810, but both double O-ring, and the tank is not compatible with most Goon 810S style. I do not understand this design option – I have some tips and dozens Goon drops this style, and I’m sure this is the case for many vapers there.




U2 two parallel coils 40-80 nominal 0.4 ohm / best watts: 55-65 watts (included)

N3 triple net nominal 0.2 ohm coils 65-100 watts / best: 75-85 watts (included)

Compatible with U2 / U4 coils / U6 / U8 / N1 / N2 / N3 / R2 / D4

There is also a rebuildable coil (R1), but I think Voopoo stop producing because it is out of stock everywhere I checked.


The airflow is T2 UFOrce much more limited than the three slots of the air stream to make us believe. Fully opened compared to freemax Pro airflow mesh with less than half open. For me it was the perfect amount of airflow, but if you like the lungs directly super wide sweater you may want to look elsewhere.


triple net product reel flavors were very good and a dense steam. Voopoo watts nailed recommendation, because I found better results cooking about 75-80 watts. It is also the hub of very good, although beginning to suffer a little more than 90 watts with high VG me juice. Do not forget before its first use; there are a lot of cotton between the three bands of mesh and it will take long for the e-juice to reach this area if it is not properly primed. No retrograde drainage or gurgling, and the tank is not leaking at all, even if left open overnight.


double parallel coil is a bit of a flashback, but an average coil watts remained excellent. Very good flavor and a good choice for use with single battery mod UFOrce T2; and the other coil, Vapeciga Voopoo PNP precisely recommends a range of 55-65 watts. Beyond that, I prefer the triple helical mesh is better overall and will last just a little longer.


pros and cons

There is no wrong with tank 25 mm

Working painting update

round tip

Lighter than original slide

fast and accurate fire

various resin panels to choose

great flavor and a dense vapor outside coil triple net

Dual coil parallel is the use of media watts

Fully customizable and smoother airflow

raised platform 510 that creates a gap

Limit Mode Watts TC

Touching the battery cover

FIT is the way to beat empiricism

The deposit is not compatible with fashion tips Goon

Some may find the air flow T2 somewhat limited



My biggest problem with the Drag 2 mod is the vacuum created by the lifting platform 510, followed by reading the battery cover. If you do not mind the inconvenience, and if you will not be using TC mode high power, then there are chances that you will enjoy it. The price is reasonable, accurate and smart home fixes some problems of its bestselling predecessor. Just Swipe innovative as the original, but it does the job. A pleasant surprise came from UFOrce tank T2, which exceeded my expectations with its triple coil mesh. With the kit priced at only $ 10 more than the model itself, it is obvious.


The voopoo vinci click in slide set in increments of 1 watt, which I personally like, but not the round robin and move slowly when you write are met. yes Mod quality construction is dropwise a mixture of things. No keys Rattle, enumerating 1.8A charge rate level. I did some basic tests with USB meter line and the more I get is 1.6A for what I consider to have been accurately evaluated. They list 4400mAh battery which means the possibility of two 2200mAh cells that we know is a series. I have no way to prove it, but in normal life of battery usage is one of the best ever obtained from a model of the internal battery. Moreover, there is no charge cycle that turns on and off all the time to recharge similar compared to most mods constant load. I think this was done to protect the battery and allows a higher level of costs and is not much, but it’s worth mentioning.


paint the best kept model for me then slide 2. Slide 2 all colors have a black frame. I can get normal wear at the bottom, but has not had me flaking and scratching with slide 2. I do not know why it went better in person. nice and beautiful resin. I hope they use the door on the other side of the resin and not a logo drag the giant door. trigger buttons are a good size and nice concave circle and dislocation. It works well and never got stuck or anything though as it should. 510 pin has given me any problems and use spray every in and done well and built, but is a bit high and does not feel empty all sprays seem to have a crack. Mod atomizer flush handle 24 mm with beveled edges. 510 is not placed in the middle, for whatever reason, is almost in the center, but later, and then back. the screen is a screen in black and white as small as the original route. It is also little strange. I noticed even all the way around the software and still is a bit low. Screen disappointing for sure. I would have liked a better screen. There is also bent over her dragging screen 2. In addition to the logo mod own brand without big attraction at the top of the battery fan not all. resin panel is supposed to match the other side.

What do you think of the kit slide 2? Please let me know in the comments.

You can buy here:voopoo  https://www.vapeciga.com/collections/voopoo

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