Review of the AEGis Boost ECS

aegis boost

The¬†aegis boost¬†Vaporizer by Vandy Vaporizer Company is one of several models of vaporizers available in the market that can produce vapor and humidified air for use in the home or office. The company’s claim to fame is its line of high quality electronic devices that use a unique heating plate that activates the vaporizer when it is pressed. In order to be more precise, the heating plate activates the fan in the unit which then circulates hot air through the entire vaporizing chamber. The heating plate ensures that your electronic device is emitting a constant stream of vapor that is consistently cool and safe for human inhaling. The AEGIS Boost features a bigger LCD screen and comes with a double-sided dial and push buttons for temperature adjustments.

The AEGIS Boost features a unique and patented liquid cooling system, which functions via two separate but connected fans which are attached on both sides of the vaporizer’s vapor path. The unique liquid cooling system of the AEGIS Boost allows you to adjust the temperature of the airflow without changing the actual temperature of the vapor. The AEGIS Boost has an adjustable airflow control using a rubber band as well as a variable airflow button located on the bottom front of the vaporizer. The most innovative feature of this vaporizer is its temperature-sensitive button that adjusts the temperature of the airflow in accordance to the room temperature.

When compared to other vaporizers in the market, the AEGIS Boost does not use a conventional battery but instead uses what is called a “bundle system” that is comprised of two batteries. One of these batteries is pre-installed into the AEGIS Boost Vaporizer and the other is a rechargeable battery that plugs into a USB port on the vaporizer. The way this works is that the user can turn the AEGIS Boost on and then turn on the rechargeable battery while it charges. Once it is full charged, the unit will turn off. The AEGIS Boost then recharges itself which allows the user to enjoy a continuous heating process. This unique technology provides the user with a continuous hot experience without the traditional need for a constant internal battery.

The AEGIS Boost does not have a lot of unique features compared to other single battery and dual battery models. However, what it does have is a unique and revolutionary battery called the “jackaroo pod” kit. This kit is a small rechargeable battery that is used to power the AEGIS Boost. The unique and amazing thing about the jackaroo pod kit is that it will work with any AEG model regardless of whether it uses a standard AEG or a futuristic such as the AEGIS 6x.

The jackaroo pod kit is actually a small plastic tube that is placed into a charging port on the bottom of the AEGis Boost. This charging port can be plugged into a universal plug at the wall or can be used with a universal plug designed to work with all types of devices that use a standard electric outlet. The entire AEGis Boost system is designed to be quick and easy to use. There are three main control keys that are used to change various settings on the AEGis Boost. These keys are located on a switch located in the lower left-hand corner of the tank. In addition, there are a total of five programmable buttons located on the front of the unit.

The AEGis Boost comes with a Shock Resistant Body Kit, an AEGIS Skin Switches, a battery charger, a charger strap, and a remote control. The skin switch allows the user to customize the skins on their AEGis Boosts to suit their needs and personal preferences. The AEGis Boost includes a patch which is used to customize the sound and output from the MP3 player associated with the unit. The shock-resistant body kit and the skin switch function simultaneously to provide the best possible sound quality and also increase the durability of the airsoft gun.

The mod makes use of a lithium polymer sub ohm tank for carrying your e-juice. The Jackaroo pod includes a built in amp that is perfect for batteries that are shorter than sixteen volts. The remote control, on the other hand, allows the user to adjust the volume of the sub-ohm tank using a push of a button. There is a built in clock radio that operates off of a nine volt battery. The batteries can be replaced using the included sub ohm tank.

The AEGis Boost makes one thing clear; it’s a one of a kind electronic product. No matter how long the typical airsoft player has owned one of these units, they are sure to find something new in this series. The unique combination of a sub-ohm tank, a built in amp and a clock radio all built into one convenient package leaves no room for boredom. From players new to the world of airsoft, to those who are veterans at bringing down a variety of distances with their AEGs, the AEGis Boost is sure to make a positive impact on the mind as well as the body.

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