SMOK Novo Vapeciga

The SMOK Novo series has been one of the top selling vaporizers since its release. The X series features a slim body, dual coils, and OLED display with battery status. The Novo X is easy to use and manage because of its single button on the body. It also has a sleek design and can be used anywhere. It is available in two versions: a smaller one for beginners and a larger one for advanced vapers.

smok novo

The SMOK Novo X has a similar design as the novo but with improved battery life and a new atomizer. This device is compatible with all of the previous novo pods. The X has a half-inch screen for displaying your puff count, power output, and more. It also includes a backwards compatible 18650 battery. This means that you can easily swap out the pods and change your flavor to match your mood.

Unlike the Smok IQ, the Smok Novo has a large capacity, with a capacity of two milliliters. It also has a single button on the body and a micro-USB port for charging. This device can be used in the office and is compatible with the older novo pods. There are a few cons to the SMOK Novo. If you want a pod vaping device with a high battery life, the Novo is a great option.

The SMOK Novo is an updated version of the original novo. The SMOK Novo X is a larger version of the novo. The battery life is improved and it’s compatible with the old novo pods. It also features a half-inch screen that displays puff count and power output. It is also backwards compatible with the novo starter kit. However, if you’re looking for a milder vaping device, the Novo X is a great option.

The Smok Novo X is a portable pod system from SMOK. It features 0.8 ohm e-liquid and a two-ml capacity pod. A large screen allows you to monitor e-liquid consumption and wattage, which draws attention to the top of the device. The Novo X also works with the older novo pods. The X is compatible with the SMOK Novo Pods.

The SMOK Novo X has an upgraded version of the novo. It has the same size as the novo, but it is capable of delivering more watts and longer battery life. It is compatible with the old novo pods, but it is backwards compatible with the novo. A lot of users have complained about the small size, but it’s a good alternative. The SMOK Novo X is compact and easy to use.

The Smok Novo X is an upgraded version of the novo. It has an ergonomic form factor, and is compatible with all the old novo pods. It also has a half-inch touchscreen that displays the power output and puff count. It has a 450mAh built-in battery. While the Smok Novo X is slightly larger, the Infinix is slightly smaller. Aside from its size, the Novo X is also slightly more portable than the Smok Infinix.