How to increase product service life of the atomizer?

How to extend product service lifetime of the atomizer? Today I bring you to increase the finished cloud body life five skills, easy-to-use products made up of atomizer atomized core process, only to get replaced periodically finished atomizing core can maintain the traditional use of atomizer. Throughout the atomizer structure, atomizing core as a core component, its service life is said to the utilization of user cost, the user if in use process don’t concentrate to some details, then will greatly reduce the service lifetime of the cloud core and therefore the use of atomizer experience, increase together now to require a glance at the finished cloud life five skills.

How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Embellish core got to concentrate to the smoke cloud don’t add an excessive amount of .

Embellish core is really how to rush, after the smoke oil atomizer, only got to await ten minutes or more, most of the finished product core can absorb smoke oil to the saturated state. And embellish core in more than smoke oil, frying oil or on to the smoke will appear problems within the oil suction.How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? At the highest of the oil atomizer in refueling, make certain to shut the air inlet of atomizer.For now, the highest oil has become the mainstream of the atomizer oil way, on the finished product atomizer is not any exception. to get rid of a couple of at the highest of the oil and therefore the top intake of atomizer, conventional inlet at rock bottom of atomizer ahead of the oil to show off the air inlet, after the completion of the filling operation after 3 to five minutes, this will effectively avoid the spill.

How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Change the atomizer must concentrate to regulate output devices in power.

Many friends will often make careless on now , from a high power atomizer replacement into small mouth atomizer absorption power, not lower the facility directly click the key , consequences clearly, atomization core directly by high calorie burn, for finished product atomization core, may be a direct destructive results.How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Atomizer got to finished product within the scope of the atomizing core power adapter to be used .Finished product on the atomization core generally on the shell to annotation of the facility of resistance and adaptation, some finished products atomizer are going to be indicated on the outer packing directly. within the use of the finished product atomizer, make certain to less than the atomization core with the very best output power to use, generally take the atomization core power adapter intermediate value, will get an honest experience.
How to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? Put wrong operation, like blowing side don’t appear as far as possible.Keep as far as possible when finished atomizer placed vertically placed, can avoid the occurrence of oil spills, if while don’t use atomizer at an equivalent time, need the smoke oil within the tank to empty, can guarantee the atomization core leads to the decrease of life won’t be long. tons of friends like atomizer inlet exhaust smoke when the sensation of cool “but on the finished product atomizer, frequent blowing smoke oil is pressed out of the question.The above is about the way to increase product service lifetime of the atomizer? The related introduction, although finished atomizer can reach to supply convenient, but if you are doing not concentrate to some details of the operation, product atomizer will let users are troubled. As long because the form good habits and a spotlight to details, so won’t only make the finished product core to increase the service lifetime of can also let himself within the finished product on the utilization of atomizer for better experience, feel more worry.