E-cigarettes how to cleaning? Atomization effect is smaller?

E-cigarettes how to cleaning? Atomization effect is smaller? E-cigarette smoke contains nicotine solutions tube, evaporation device and battery of 3 parts. Heavy itBy batteries, power supply, can transform smoke bomb inside the liquid nicotine into the fog, so that the user has a similar to the feeling of smoking in implementation “swallow cloud to vomit.” E-cigarette use, however, after a period of time needs to be clean, or it will taste sweet, atomization effect is the phenomenon of variation.

E-cigarettes cleaning method

1.Clean cigarette holder, atomization storehouse, guide tube, atomizer base:

Parts out of the warm water, dip in with tweezers grip the cotton ball cleaning fluid, the surface of the parts back to wipe, clean until the trace of the above, and the smoke of cigarette holder above “flavour is completely disappeared, and residual cleaning fluid, the water to clean again, pay attention to the strength is not too big, avoid cotton residue within the thread, lead to E-cigarettes can not assembled tightly.

2.Hold a small bowl of warm water:

With another bowl for a small amount of wine/vinegar/music (gas washing oil effect is best, but considering the E-smoke into the mouth directly, so don’t advocate using gasoline; According to the structure of the E-cigarettes (in this case of the author E-cigarettes, for example), disconnect the battery pole on one side the cigarette holder, atomization, atomization core, guide tube and the atomization core base etc all apart, soak in warm water for 10 minutes, remove all, dry with a towel parts above the water, and to change water.

3.clean the atomization core:

Use tweezers grip the atomization core guide above wick no guide wick is not (), slowly pull the rope guide oil; Dip in with forceps clipping the cotton cleaning fluid, go deep into the zero core inside and on the heating wire, scrub clean carefully, to the surface trace disappeared, and there is no wings after oil and peculiar smell, rinse and wipe dry. And then made a cotton wick, clamp wear into the heat wire with forceps.

4.Guide the wick

Half a month need to wash a E-cigarettes, and replace a wick, replace a new taste also need cleaning E-cigarette smoke oil replacement wick no guidance wick E-cigarettes, are cleaned once a month E-cigarettes.

Atomization effect is smaller.

1.Warm water.

In the E-smoke zero turn into the warm water, excessive sway quietly for a minute or two, then pour out the water, then use hair dryer to dry. This method is very complicated but will still be residual oil E-cigarettes taste before.


The atomizer into vinegar mixed with water, then stop cooking, after some very clock, clean with clear water again, then blow dry. Clean with vinegar E-cigarettes atomizer is a good choice, can also effect.


E-cigarette atomizer soak in a glass of cola drinks, soak for 24 hours. After the completion of take out, with warm water, cold water, hot water washing can, first blow dry. This method is very complicated, the effect is not very ideal. Before the oil smoke flavor is still very strong.


Then blow dry atomizer, pour too much vodka, a finger seal atomizer, and quietly rocking out after one to two minute or two. And then washed wash with hot waterNet, put it out to dry. Remember, don’t need to blow dry the vodka taste requirements. This is a very simple way, but it is also a way of analogy is invalid, can fundamentally eliminate E-cigarettes atomizer caused by dirt and taste.

5.Tilted method

Place a piece of paper towels on the surface of the table, place the atomizer tilting below, 24 hours a day, the E-cigarette smoke in the atomizer liquid will gradually come out. Rinse with warm water, after the initial use hair dryer to dry. This is also was thought a match is invalid. And, of course, if think of above method is very complicated, the local tyrants way is indirectly change the atomizer, save time and effort.

Above is the E-cigarette how to cleaning? Smaller atomizing effect how to deal with the related introduction, hope to help smokers you oh!