The GeekVape AEGIS Boost – An Honest Review

geekvape aegis boost

The new vandyVape aegis boost is one of the most advanced personal vaporizers that are available on the market today. This vaporizer is unique in the sense that it is the first one that utilizes the entire new technology that the vipers’ community is so gaga about. It is designed to give you the vapor control that you have always wanted from a vaporizer, yet without having the size and weight that a lot of personal vaporizers require. Furthermore, it does not use a lot of batteries, nor does it take up a lot of room in your house. For all of these reasons, it has become one of the most popular vaporizers today.

When you first receive your Geekvape AEGIS Boost, you will notice that it looks a lot like a lot of vaporizers before it. It is rectangular and has a front panel that looks just like what you would find on an inhaler. However, the unique thing about this model is that it does not have a needle or a light to indicate when it is in the middle of heating up. Instead, there are markings on the side of the unit that indicates the temperature that it is currently at. It also has a variable wattage and has variable voltage up to 40w, a variable airflow control, and a 1500mah battery life.

The Geekvape AEGIS Boost uses two stainless steel copper coils that are covered in a non-stick finish for extra durability and longevity. It does not use an internal heating element like many other vaporizers but instead relies on the heat that is given off by the ceramic pods to create a constant temperature. The two stainless steel coils are placed on the outside of the front panel and are attached with metal clips to the front. These clips allow you to remove the airsoft gun safely without messing up your face or damaging anything around it. This unit has a safety lock to prevent accidental firing and keeps the batteries from spilling out all over the place.

On the sides of the AEGIS Boost are two butterfly shaped gold colored aluminum chips that give it the ability to monitor your atomizer’s airflow and adjust the strength of the airflow so that the vapor produced is consistent and even. The two butterfly shaped chips can be adjusted so that you get a strong breeze on one side and a weak breeze on the other so that you can get a nice cool sensation in your throat. There is a slight gap between the two butterfly sized chips allowing the air to be able to flow freely while the AEGIS Boost is in use.

The Geekvape AEGIS Boost has a lot of advanced features such as a triple system power control with a long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery, a long-time warranty, and variable voltage and wattage output, along with a variable heat range. It also has an extremely effective dual box mod. The jewel box mod allows you to customize the amount of power and wattage you want to output through its three settings. You can adjust the clockwise and counterclockwise speed to adjust the temperature inside your vehicle. With a triple system power control, you can make sure that your device is at the ideal temperature to provide you with supreme performance.

The AEGIS Boost has a lot of unique features that set it apart from other products. One of these unique features is its heat dissipation platform. The heat sinks that sit on the back of the cooler have an adjustable fan which is adjustable in both speeds. There are also adjustment buttons that allow users to increase or decrease the airflow. In addition to its great heat dissipation, the silicon fin insulation on the back of the cooling fins is what makes the AEGIS Boost very efficient at cooling.

When using the AEGIS Boost, it is important that it is used properly. There are a few different ways to use it, and there are a few different methods that will affect how well it performs. The user manual includes a great deal of information on how to use the product in order to get the most benefits. There are specific instructions for boosting the watts, as well as some general instructions which cover the use of the mod in general.

In terms of the AEGIS Boost, the company claims it can work well with any type of atomizer, including the popular Vandy 35W Vandy Pod System Kit. There is no need to modify the wattage by altering the watts with this AEGIS. The AGGS does not work well with the Vandy Pod, but it does work with the RBA series. The RBA series are manufactured by Geekvape, and they are quite popular. The AGGS and RBA battery combo are available separately from the main product line, and they also do not change the voltage. There are a few other unique features about the AGGS Boost such as the fact that it comes with a stainless steel replacement bottom plate and a three-year warranty.

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