What You Need To Know About The GeekVape AEGIS Boost

geekvape aegis boost

The Geekvape Aegis Boost Package is one of the newest professional e juice kits on the market. It uses a new technology called the Pod Turbo Technology to produce extremely potent flavors using a Pod System that utilizes both heating and cooling to produce customized-quality of juice. The Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod modulates the temperature of the Pod material to maintain a constant blend of sweet and sour. It also has two different Pod Systems that is available in different strengths: Silver and Gold.

The internal rechargeable battery features two methods of battery charging: standard micro USB and larger micro USB. This is perfect for people who like to customize their devices and do not want to use a series of chargers. Also, this is a great feature for people who use their device on a daily basis and do not wish to have to change batteries often. The internal rechargeable battery is capable of recharging within seven hours of first use. It is also compatible with the new micro USB port of the Geekvape AEGIS Boost as well as other devices that utilize that same port.

The body of the AEGIS Boost Pod contains a touch sensitive temperature control dial. The temperature can be adjusted to six different levels, from low, medium, high, and turbo. This precision temperature control allows the user to make adjustments based on personal taste without having to turn up the volume to compensate for the increased power. Two brightness buttons sit on top of the temperature control dial to allow the user to easily turn off the unit when necessary. One of these brightness buttons also controls the LED display and the other sets the Turbo output level. Turning off the LED display enables the user to see real time Turbo clock speeds.

There is a wealth of information provided in the user manual of the Geekvape AEGIS Boost. This manual is jam packed with useful information about the product, including how to assemble the device and how to change the wattage and voltage. The manual also goes over how to install the voltage regulator, how to upgrade the battery, and provides a thorough explanation of the Temp Stability setting which can be customized by the user. All of the settings and voltage adjustments are explained clearly.

The AEGIS Boost has a built in thermometer which can be used to determine the wattage and the temperature at which the batteries are consumed. This is achieved through the use of an LED indicator which begins to glow when the coil resistance is reached. The LED indicator will turn on when the resistance reaches a certain point. The user manual provides a detailed explanation of how to use the LED indicator and how to monitor the battery’s consumption. It is important to read this section of the geekvape aegis boost user manual as it goes into great detail about the battery’s lifespan.

Another feature of the geekvape AEGIS Boost is its adjustable airflow control. This is a very cool feature that I really enjoy. By using this adjustable airflow control, I can adjust the airflow from a medium to a thick blast. In addition to its adjustable airflow control, I have found that this device is very easy to clean. I just simply remove the cotton wick and the drip tray and it is as easy as pie to clear out all of the burnt cotton from my AEG.

One of the best features of the AEGIS Boost is its foot switch that allows the unit to turn off automatically when the battery is full and then automatically start charging it again when the battery is low. This is a great feature and one of the main reasons I recommend this product to anyone looking for an electronic airsoft rifle. If you ever run out of battery power and want your AEG to start charging then you simply touch your foot switch and it will charge in the background. It’s a simple to use, clean, and extremely reliable.

The last thing I want to discuss with you about the GeekVape AEGIS Boost is its unique and innovative heat dispersal system. It’s based on two extremely innovative and groundbreaking concepts, namely the pod systems and the zinc alloy heating system. The pod systems are built into the upper receiver of the aegis kit in a way that allows you to quickly and efficiently distribute heated air up through the entire length and breadth of the entire AEG. And the zinc alloy heating system consists of an aluminum box that holds the heating element and a small amount of zinc alloy.

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